Meaning, Purpose, and Value


If we hold the view that there exists nothing other than matter and energy (materialism), then it stands to reason that life on this planet of ours can have no objective purpose and meaning. According to science, the first simple lifeforms came to be through the random chemical reactions that occurred in the “primordial soup”. According to neo-darwinian evolution, random (DNA) mutation and natural selection combined to produce the higher species (animals and humans).

Since under the materialist world-view, if there is no objective meaning or purpose in life, atheists must create meaning and purpose. The problem with this appoach is that it’s subjective. My meaning in life could be different from my neighbours meaning. This leads to an inconsistency in the life of the atheist. Since has no objective meaning, meaning must be created and therefore the atheist must live under an illusion. The honest atheist must admit that life has no objective meaning but this can lead to despair and hopelessness. Therefore the choice is between illusion and happiness or reality and despair/hopelessness. Therefore life under atheism can not be considered consistent or whole.

The atheist must also confront a number of other issues:

Theism on the other hand provides a world-view in which life has purpose, meaning, and value, all of which are given by God. Other benefits include:

To be continued…